By gathering more investments from different countries, it adds liquidity, stability and smaller fluctuations in odds. In 2022 Royal Ascot, a total of HK$1.61 billion in turnover was bet into the World Pool.

With the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) being the host of these pari-mutuel pools of substantial liquidity, customers can place large-sized bets without getting restricted, as well as an opportunity for large payouts through exotic bets.

For example at 2021 Royal Ascot, with the introduction of Tote+, UK Tote customers saw the Tote+ Win price beat the Industry SP (Starting Price) on 21 occasions and match on 14 occasions across the 35 races. This resulted in a 11% higher return, compared to SP, for Tote+ bets placed on their site.

Promoting major international racing events is a key strategy of the World Pool brand. Additionally, World Pool meetings generate additional income streams, especially for the rights holder, expand international commingling partnerships, allow like-minded partners to collaborate for the long term betterment and sustainability of the racing industry and promote the benefits of pari-mutuel betting as a funding model.