Key Milestones’ Quotes

For the launch of the first ever World Pool at Royal Ascot 2019

Mr. Winfried Engelbrecht-BresgesChief Executive Officer, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

We are delighted to provide a global tote offering for one of the world’s leading racing brands, Royal Ascot. This moment represents the beginning of a new era in international racing and solidifies Hong Kong’s position as the global hub for commingling. The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s wagering operation is recognised as being among the world leaders in integrity and management processes, as well as with regard to its wagering technology.

Mr. Guy HendersonChief Executive Officer, Ascot Racecourse

Royal Ascot is one of the world’s great sporting occasions, and while it is noted for its distinguished history and traditions, we aspire to be one of horseracing’s leading innovators. We are excited to partner with the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Totepool to launch the world’s first global pool around Royal Ascot at this year’s meeting, a development which supports our overall strategy of engagement on all levels internationally. The new, extended media rights contracts within and around the World Pool venture will see wider coverage of Royal Ascot than ever before, specifically in Hong Kong where all five days will be simulcast for the first time.

For the first World Pool at Dubai Super Saturday 2020

Mr. Richard CheungFormer Executive Director, International Business and Mainland Development, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

We would like to thank the Dubai Racing Club, PGI, as well as our network of global commingling partners to make this happen.
It is important to note that unlike Royal Ascot, there is no domestic betting in Dubai to merge with Hong Kong pool. So we are pulling the many different pari-mutuel pools across four continents to Hong Kong and create the World Pool. This will have to be a long term partnership to grow the pool together and 2020 is a great start.

During the HKJC additional summer simulcasts in 2021

Mr. Alex FrostChief Executive, The UK Tote Group

With 17 World Pool days being hosted at British and Irish race meetings in 2021, it is exciting to see the growing awareness of the exceptional value World Pool can offer to Tote customers, and the financial benefits it brings to racecourses and the wider sport. We look forward to once again seeing the World Pool brand oncourse at York this week as we all look forward to an excellent week of racing.

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