Yorkshire Oaks Day


Yorkshire Oaks Day

Yorkshire Oaks Day – Day Two of the York Ebor Festival – brought plenty of drama and excitement but, for the Margarson family, no race was more exhilarating than the Clipper Handicap, won by their horse, ROPEY GUEST.

Trained by George Margarson, whose two daughters Rosie and Katie work in the yard, looking after and riding the horses, Ropey Guest’s preparation was a real family affair and to see him win meant the world to the Margarsons.

With triathlete Katie (the horse’s usual groom) away competing, Rosie stepped in to accompany Ropey Guest to the races and accepted the £4,000 World Pool Moment of the Day cheque on her sister’s behalf.

“Every time Ropey Guest runs, we come with a lot of hope and a little bit of confidence. He always runs spectacularly; he’s been second twice in the Bunbury Cup, he’s been second at Royal Ascot, you can never say he’s not trying. We always have that excitement and, as we headed towards the line in front, we thought ‘he’s going to get pipped – he always does!’ and then, when he didn’t, I did lose my marbles completely!” Margarson said.

“Katie got into the World Championship Triathlon; she’s in Finland to compete in the World Championship Triathlon Ironman. She’s nuts!

“You’d have lost eardrums [if Katie had been leading him up]! She’d have roared! She’s cried on the phone to me – she’s so upset that she’s not here.”

Ropey Guest will now be entered into the World Pool Moment of the Year competition, and if chosen as the winner, Margarson can look forward to a trip to Hong Kong next year.

Rosie Margarson, sister of Katie who looks after our Moment of the Day winner ROPEY GUEST, collected the £4,000 World Pool Moment of the Day cheque on her sister’s behalf.